A letter to my constituents



My family and I moved to Holly Springs in 2007.  My wife Heather and I  have raised our two boys in this beautiful town and our  sons attended Wake County Public Schools.  I was appointed to the Holly Springs Planning Board in 2017 and I have served as the chair of the Planning Board for the past two years.  In addition to the Planning Board, I have also been a member of the Land Use Advisory Committee, Housing Affordability Study Committee as well as a member of the Tree Advisory Committee.


I have coached baseball with the town Parks and Recreation Department since 2007 as well as coached in other leagues in and around Holly Springs.  Though both of my sons have graduated, I still enjoy coaching to help teach baseball, the game that I love and played myself growing up in nearby Danville, VA.  Professionally, I lead the Talent and Organizational Development function for a software company.


I am a Crucial Conversations and Situational Leadership certified trainer and will complete my MBA at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in October of 2023.  I am in the business of building organizations and leaders.


  • Responsible Growth
  • Drive a Unified Community
  • Engaged Leadership
  • Focus on the Future

On November 7th, 2023, I was voted in as a Town Council Representative of Holly Springs.  Listed are the top items on my platform. Most importantly, I want to continue to hear from the residents of Holly Springs about the things that are important to you.

Let’s connect and talk about the issues in Holly Springs that matter to you.  I want to hear from the community so that we can collaborate on the best way for Holly Springs to grow.

    Want to reach out and have a conversation about how we can guide Holly Springs into a future that works for all?

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