Responsible Growth


Responsible Growth

Responsible Growth- Population in 2007 was 19,000, and in 2023 we are a thriving community of 47,396 residents.  That equates to a 40% growth in 16 years.  Growth is great for a community and that growth has brought our town excellent amenities, jobs, opportunities and diverse people.


This growth has also brought us issues like traffic and congestion.  Growth is necessary for Holly Springs and responsible growth allows us to attract companies and small businesses that help to create a strong business tax base.  If elected, I will listen to the residents of this town, work alongside the town staff and government, and help drive responsible growth in our town.  In 2007, when I moved to Holly Springs, traffic was not really an issue. I could get  across town rather quickly. However, at that time, we didn’t have a Walmart or a Target. I had to travel to neighboring cities for basic amenities.


Fast forward to 2023, we have experienced growth and with that comes traffic issues.  As we continue to grow this town, we have a responsibility to find smart solutions that allow us to freely and safely move through the town. In addition, if elected, I will work to make sure that we continue to be a tree city.  The change in our Unified Development Ordinance so that developers cannot clear cut trees when building new home developments helps this town remain environmentally friendly.

By working with our town staff, developers and listening to you, we can drive effective change in this great town of ours.  We can move forward together.


September 24, 2014